Priceless Setbacks: 5 Failures to Take Your Business to the Next Level

I’ve been very blessed, throughout my career, to work with some of the most impressive entrepreneurs around. From companies backed by Peter Thiel to Carlos Slim, I’ve observed several of the world’s savviest businesspeople set up shop, and I’m proud to have helped a couple of today’s unicorns — the hottest startups with valuations of […]

Marco Greenberg – Meeting a force of PR Nature

I have this afternoon come out of a truly inspiring session at the International Association of Business Communicators World Conference in Washington. I had the great privilege to meet Marco Greenberg who spoke about the work he has done on publicising the story of Ian Burkhart. Ian is using ground breaking technology, called NeuroLife, to bypass […]

No One Reading Your PR Pitches? 10 Ways to Fix That

Baffled and disappointed that nobody seems interested in your company’s story? Your competitors seem to have all the luck, garnering features in blogs and magazines, while the best you get is a lousy mention in a longer article. I’ve been working in PR for years now, and have a few things to share about why […]

Six biggest miscues journalists make when jumping to the “dark side”

Countless former journalists are now working in PR and many others are probably considering the merits of such a move. With more and more media outlets scaling back, a transition to the “dark side,” as many journalists refer to it, can seem logical. Ostensibly, the skillsets are similar–writing quickly, pitching story ideas, meeting deadlines. But […]