Vibhav Prasad

Vib Prasad

Strategy, Thought Leadership

Vib is an executive with over 25 years of leadership in fintech, SaaS, and retail. He was recently co-CEO of CreateMe, revolutionizing smart manufacturing with automation and robotics. At, he managed the $500M eCommerce storefront. As COO of Group Commerce, he oversaw its acquisition by Blackhawk Networks. At Mastercard, he led global product management for MasterPass and later monetized Mastercard’s transactional data. Vib began his career at Accenture, founded CourtLink (acquired by LexisNexis), and led pricing and analytics at Duane Reade (acquired by Walgreens). He is an adjunct professor of leadership at Columbia University, has led entrepreneurial missions abroad, and recently built a school in Malawi. Vib’s mission focuses on empowering others and spearheading initiatives aligned with his vision and values.

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