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Thunder11 is a marketing communications boutique. Based in New York City, we work together with our clients to help them realize their most audacious goals by combining non-conventional and strategic thinking with relentless execution to produce meaningful and measurable results.

We are communicators, creatives, connectors, and coaches, helping senior executives realize their vision. We named our agency after the media philosopher Marshall McLuhan’s theory that human history unfurled in ten thunderous moments, from the evolution of speech to the birth of television. The eleventh thunder is happening right now online, and to master it you need ingenuity, and an intelligent, integrated approach to communications. To see what we can do for you, scroll on down.


With so many media channels and so much noise, standing out takes both a winning strategy and no-nonsense execution. We pride ourselves on four pillars crucial for successful communications:


Brand ID

Do you have your messaging down? How about your positioning? Do you and your team know what to say to differentiate yourselves and make a positive impact with the media, investors, influencers, your own employees, and, most importantly, your customers? We will:

  • Capture your organization’s unique value proposition
  • Deliver a comprehensive, clear, and compelling messaging playbook
  • Help you generate the ideal name for your new company, product, or service
  • Oversee the design, look, and feel of everything you share with the world

Content Creation

We’re blessed with so many media and so many ways to tell amazing stories. Writing quickly and convincingly across a variety of platforms, and helping you engage with your audience by leveraging existing outlets or creating new ones of your own, we will:

  • Keep your corporate blog and social media channels stacked with timely, engaging, and well-written content
  • Identify contributor opportunities with leading mainstream and specialty publications and write recurring contributions that perfectly capture your voice
  • Initiate and oversee partnerships with media organizations for specific and ongoing projects
  • Conceive, craft, and pitch op-eds to major national publications
  • Design and execute high-impact content projects, from ebooks to sponsored online magazines to compelling video



Thought Leadership PR

We believe in doing smart PR across top-tier outlets, and integrating it with social media, events, and commissioned research. We will:

  • Create proactive and creative pitches engaging a wide variety of impactful and unexpected media sources
  • Strike partnerships with relevant national and specialty media outlets
  • Conceive and execute impactful events to deliver your message to the right audiences
  • Apply third-party research to support your propositions and engage the leading experts in the field to generate data-driven credible content for publicity and, moreover, sales


Crisis Communications 

Sometimes, bad things happen to good companies. To stop a ripple from turning into a storm, and to protect your brand, we will:  

  • Compose comprehensive crisis management strategy, including tactics to address media, government, employees, consumers, customers, and other relevant parties
  • Develop a comprehensive FAQ that addresses the full range of questions pertaining to your issues, as well as finely tuned messages for each question
  • Orchestrate your internal communications outreach and social media strategy
  • Author all announcements, press releases, posts, and official crisis communications
  • Conceive and execute proactive media outreach to mitigate the damage and regain crucial perspective
  • Train your top-level executives to communicate effectively with relevant parties, including the media, investors, regulators etc.


We're selective about who we work with.
Here's a range of current and past clients.




The Ohio State University: Orchestrated media campaign for groundbreaking research from the university’s Wexner Medical Center to help generate more than eight billion impressions in news outlets around the world; Created and edited dedicated brain health vertical on The Huffington Post; conceived of and implemented global brain health summit, recruiting some of the biggest names in the field to speak.


The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research: Raised the public profile of leading physicians and executives with the media and influencers by placing them in carefully curated events, including speaking at South by Southwest, TedMed, and the Aspen Ideas Festival.


Northwell Health: Working with New York State’s largest health system to generate steady stream of owned and earned media; helped drive thought leadership efforts by drafting and placing pieces from key executives in local and national publications; proactively applied for relevant awards, best-of lists, speaking opportunities, and other high visibility platforms.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.11.41 PM.png

Optim Healthcare: Helped leading regional hospital system generate communications strategies and implementation to address issues management, internal communications, and training C-Level executives.


GlaxoSmithKline: Generated dedicated content for global pharmaceutical giant and placed it on various non-conventional media outlets, from Mashable to Inc. to NewsDeeply.




PubMatic: Designed and executed integrated media strategy for rapidly growing ad tech innovator. Rather than passively disseminate existing news, we worked with our client to create it, including placing op-eds in The Wall Street Journal and AdWeek that generated numerous television appearances on CNBC, Fox Business, and elsewhere, and creating a steady stream of content for leading trade publications.


Datto: Helped a red-hot billion-dollar company create its positioning and messaging in the midst of a high-profile crisis communications situation; initiated and successfully pitched Fast Company profile, and elevated the company’s exposure from the trade press to national outlets including The Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, and The New York Times.


1stdibs: Positioned leading luxury online marketplace as an industry innovator by generating everything from interviews with executives in The New York Times to workplace profiles in Business Insider to a multi-spread feature in The Wall Street Journal and coverage in Forbes, on Bloomberg TV, and other outlets favored by an affluent audience.


Trustwave Spider Labs: Promoted data security experts with a host of inventive ways to call attention to network vulnerabilities, including national television appearances, a recurring column in Fast Company, and a much-discussed article inviting an ethical hacker to hack the computer of a PandoDaily editor.


Sprint: Designed, executed, and promoted academic-led research addressing cellular cloud-computing technology usages among white- and blue-collar workers for the telecommunications giant.


Public Affairs

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.37.37 PM.png

Iran180: Raised awareness to the threats of a nuclear Iran  and the regime’s human rights violations by combining satire with substance in a series of op-eds, social media efforts, and thought leadership events. Launched a street theater campaign that featured giant puppets and playful demonstrations outside the United Nations, widely covered everywhere from the front page of The New York Times to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


Global Strategy Group: Revamped brand messaging for the country’s leading public affairs firm, including its new tagline and other positioning which helped the firm garner prestigious industry awards.


Council on Foreign Relations: Retained by the prestigious think tank on a year-and-a-half assignment to create best practices portfolio and train executives on social media strategies.


Democratic Opposition: Providing a communications game plan and execution—including everything from dedicated microsites to influencer events—for democratic opposition movements fighting a oppressive regime.


Israel Advocacy: Worked with a wide array of government and non-profit organizations to promote everything from Israel’s Start-Up Nation to preparing college students to more effectively engage in pro-Israeli advocacy on campus.


The Groundtruth Project: Partnered with leading investigative journalism outlet, led by award-winning reporters, to create podcasts, events, and other platforms to shed light on the opioid epidemic and other urgent public affairs matters.



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Our core group of communications and marketing professionals represents a diverse network of talent— including Ivy League MBAs, attorneys, and PhDs, industry veterans, and new media pioneers—enabling us to be agile and rapidly assemble the best team for every client. We believe in keeping things warm and personal, which is why every account is directly overseen by our leadership team:


Marco Greenberg


Marco has spearheaded marketing communications and public affairs campaigns for an array of Fortune 500 corporations, healthcare organizations, and notable venture- and angel-backed startups, and has served as a senior advisor to foreign governments, democratic movements, and NGOs. Previously a managing director at global PR giant Burson-Marsteller, he sees his role as a creative catalyst for breakthrough communications. An in-demand speaker and facilitator, he has written opinion pieces for a number of national and international publications, including Entrepreneur, Haaretz, the NY Daily News, Pando Daily, and WeWork’s Creator. He holds a BA from UCLA and an MA from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and has served as an adjunct professor teaching Innovations in Marketing at NYU and entrepreneurship and PR at Fordham University. He splits his time with his wife and three children between the upper west side of Manhattan and Great Barrington, Massachusetts.


Liel Leibovitz


Liel holds a Ph.D. in Communications from Columbia University and has taught video games and digital technology at New York University and elsewhere. He has curated and moderated events for clients and friends in a host of prominent venues, from New York’s 92nd Street Y to South by Southwest, and heads Thunder11 content creation efforts. He is the author or co-author of a number of critically acclaimed books, a senior writer for Tablet Magazine, and the co-host of Tablet’s popular podcast, Unorthodox, recently named by The Guardian as one of the 50 best podcasts of the year. He is also a frequent contributor to several national publications, including The Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, and others. A believer in academic-corporate partnerships and data-driven strategy, Liel also heads Washington Square Research, Thunder11’s sister company, and has overseen major research projects for clients as diverse as Sprint and Pentagram. He lives in New York with his wife and children.

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