It started with
a man.


Marshall McLuhan, the communications guru who gave us such prophetic statements as “the medium is the message,” divided human history into ten thunders. The first was learning to speak; the fifth, inventing print. By the time the 20th Century rolled in, so did thunders number eight, nine, and ten, with movies, cars, airplanes, and TV. Each thunder represented a giant leap forward in humankind’s ability not only to communicate with others but also to imagine the world differently and dream up new possibilities. And each thunder had enormous implications for human evolution.


What, then, is the next step? What is the eleventh thunder? We believe it’s digital media—the Internet and its endless stream of innovations. And we believe these new media give each one of us an unprecedented opportunity to tell our stories better, not only to more people but to the relevant people as well. This is why we started Thunder11, a communications agency that specializes in branding, public relations, publishing, and social media. We understand that while our need to tell and listen to stories hasn’t changed much since the dawn of mankind, our tools and our practices have, and that anyone wishing to make an impact in today’s noisy media environment has to have not only sharp skills but also big ideas. That’s where we come in: we’re passionate, big idea people, we believe in thunderous engagements, and we’re always proud, as our tagline says, to help you bring big ideas to market and execute relentlessly on your behalf.